48mm Pneumatic Jockey Wheel

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48mm 150Kg pneumatic jockey wheel no clamp

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48mm Pneumatic Jockey Wheel

  • 48mm 150Kg pneumatic jockey wheel no clamp
  • Constructed for medium duty trailers and caravan up to 150kg static nose weight
  • 48mm outer tube diameter
  • Height extension range 310mm
  • Handle extension 110mm
  • Tyre size 260x77mm
  • Max static load with clamp 150kg
  • Box / stillage qty : 4 / 90
  • Supplied without a clamp
  • When fully retracted the outer tube engages with the wheel forks to prevent rotation
  • Wide pneumatic tyre with steel rim prevents sinkage into soft ground
  • Clear zinc plate finish
  • Replacement wheel MP2291
  • Replacement clamp MP8121

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Weight 6.7 kg


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