Automotive Accessories

  • Battery Chargers

    Battery Chargers (15)

    The increasing demand on car batteries from advanced vehicle electrics means that regular maintenance is required to prevent a flat battery. We offer a comprehensive range of battery chargers to suit a wide range of vehicles that tests, reconditions and charges a battery. Traditional lead acid batteries are no longer the only battery type available. For vehicles with STOP/START technology, batteries need to deliver a high power performance. With this in mind, some of our battery chargers are also suitable for AGM and GEL batteries. All of our chargers are independently inspected for electrical safety.
  • Booster Cables

    Booster Cables (14)

    We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of Booster Cables available with a number of distinct ranges to choose from:
    • Emergency Copper Coated Aluminium Range - Suitable for motorcycles to large cars & vans. Designed for emergency use.
    • Heavy Duty Copper Coated Aluminium Range - Suitable for larger cars, vans, 4x4s & agricultural vehicles. Designed for more regular heavy duty use.
    • Motorist Range - Suitable for motorcycles to larger cars & vans. A hybrid mix for increased flexibility & performance. Designed for regular use.
    • 100% Copper Professional Range - Suitable for commercial applications from mechanics & vehicle recovery to heavy duty agricultural & plant equipment. Fitted with tough heavy duty clamps for increased safety when in use.
  • Breakdown Essentials

    Breakdown Essentials (14)

    Be prepared for any eventuality when you out and about in your vehicle by having some Breakdown Essentials on board.
  • Car Covers

    Car Covers (13)

    We stock a wide range of car covers suitable for hatchbacks, estates, MPV's and 4x4's. They are supplied in either water resistant breathable material or waterproof material.
  • Car Mats

    Car Mats (7)

    Our Car Mat range has recently been expanded, High Quality with a patented anti-slip backing.
  • Miscellaneous Accessories

    Miscellaneous Accessories (1)

    Miscellaneous Accessories
  • Power Packs

    Power Packs (1)

    Power Pack's are versatile, compact and portable, used to assist the jump starting of vehicles.
  • Ratchet Straps

    Ratchet Straps (1)

    Large range of Cargo & Luggage Ratchet Straps for light loads or large commercial load transporting up to 5000Kg's
  • Start Chargers

    Start Chargers (1)

    Start Chargers from Maypole & DECA, one of Europe's leading manufacturers of workshop grade professional start chargers. They are known for manufacturing a professional range, suitable for any requirement. Deca pride themselves on innovation and quality from design to production and distribution.
  • Tyre Air Accessories

    Tyre Air Accessories (1)

    Wide range of Air Tyre Analogue & Digital Compressors and Manual Foot Pumps.
  • Vehicle Horns

    Vehicle Horns (1)

    High or Low Tone Vehicle Horns, Suitable for Scooters, Cars, Motorbikes, Motorhomes, Vans & Commercial Vehicles.
  • Wiper Blades

    Wiper Blades (12)

    Universal wiper blades with kit which are OEM quality and simple and easy to fit.